BRI Hospitality

Ongoing Management

Continued success requires that you react quickly and remain flexible to the ever-changing demands of the hospitality industry. When an operation is under performing or needs its performance evaluated by a fresh set of eyes, BRI Hospitality has the experience and expertise to identify solutions that can help turn the situation around and help you meet your goals. Whether it is a short term assessment and development of recommendations or an ongoing management agreement, BRI Hospitality can help you continually reevaluate what it takes to maintain success and keep your operation on track by effectively conveying the big picture and overall strategy to your staff and management team.

Our ongoing management services include:

  • Day to day operations oversight and supervision
  • Reviewing and assessing on-site operations
  • Continued management development and staff training
  • Directing marketing, public relations and communications
  • Assessing purchasing and scheduling systems
  • Maintaining quality standards of operation
  • Suggesting ways to improve financial performance and forecasting through a thorough review of financial statements and business plan
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